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Practice Audio: Liturgical Chants

The recordings on this page were prepared before the implementation of the Roman Missal Third Edition. However, most of the material below remains current.

For the chants of the new Missal, see our page of practice videos.

Tutorial on singing English readings, by Adam Thome

These audio files are published with a Creative Commons license; use them as you see fit with no restrictions.

Printed Tutorial

Chanting the Mass

The following are audio files (.mp3) of the Mass, for teaching purposes only. Voice and copyright belong to Fr. Christopher J. Pollard, St. John the Baptist Church, Front Royal, Virginia. You are free to distribute but not sell them.

Ad ritus initiales

Ad ritum paenitentialem

Post collectam (qui tecum vivit), (qui vivis); Post collectam sollemnis (qui tecum vivit), (qui vivis)

Ad liturgiam Verbi

Ad liturgiam eucharisticam

Ad ritus conclusionis

After the Mass

English (Note: these files were produced according to the Second Edition of the Roman Missal)

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