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Membership renewals

Wondering about your renewal status?

The easiest way to determine when your membership expires is to take a look at the mailing label when you receive your Sacred Music journal.

The general format of the label will be:


The first line of the address label is key: the first portion tells the volume and issue that will be your last issue. In the above example, the last issue that will be received is from volume 46 (2019), issue 4 (Winter). To assist further, the Expiration is also noted at the end of that line “EXP-WIN-2019”.

When you are to be receiving your last issue, we include a notice on the front of the mailer envelope telling you that this is the last issue in your membership or subscription. There will also be a renewal envelope enclosed with that mailing. As always, you can use that remittance envelope or use our online resources as well.

NOTE: Because of the recent physical move of our office, the membership renewal remittance envelopes (printed in January 2018 for the entire 2018 year) that were included in the Winter 2018 journal were printed with the old address with the expectation that the USPS would forward those renewals to our new address (2014 Corn Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88001). However, there was inconsistency in this process by the USPS and some renewals have been returned to the senders. We apologize very much for this inconvenience!

If this has occurred in your case, we ask that you re-send the renewals to the new address or use our online renewal process. Thanks!

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