In anticipation of the Sacred Music Colloquium this summer, our offices have received many inquiries about scholarships. There are students of music would like to attend but cannot afford it. Directors of music in parishes want to attend but their parish cannot afford to send them. There are many such cases. 

Ideally, the CMAA would make it possible for any qualified person to attend and receive train in chant and experience the best of sacred music. But that is currently not possible: we simply do not have the funds to make it possible. We hope to build up a scholarship fund over time; indeed, this is essential.

Perhaps you love sacred music and understand its relationship to the liturgy. You long for liturgical prayer to be united again with chant. You understand the centrality of the Renaissance for the Catholic artistic experience. And you see how important it is for musicians to be exposed to and trained in this tradition. And yet, you don’t feel that you can make an artistic contribution yourself. This is not uncommon.

It still remains possible to send a student or director to attend this conference. A tax-deductible contribution of $560 makes it possible to for one student to gain the full experience of the colloquium: all materials, instruction, meals, and housing. This is a gift that can change someone’s life—and change the shape of liturgy in the English-speaking world. 

If you would like to help, please send your contribution to our offices or write us for more information. You can also use the paypal button. 

This year’s colloquium—six days of musical heaven—promises to be the biggest and best ever. Would you assist in helping a qualified student to attend?