A member of the CMAA had an old and very rare edition of a 1923 book that included all the chants from Holy Week, including the Masses and the Office.

At 533 pages, it was falling apart and the binding was broken — but still a treasure. Its title: Officium Majoris Hebdomadae et Octavae Paschae, Cum Cantu, Juxta Ordinem, Breviarii, Missalis et Pontificalis Romani.

It was thanks to this one copy that we were able to restore it and make this treasure available once again, both for a free download and in a beautiful printed edition. No more yellowed and crumbling pages. It is a new edition of a classic for our times.

The word seems to be spreading about this book in advance of Holy Week. It is of use in parishes that use the classical Roman Rite, of course, but also in parishes that use the new Rite and want to sing the Propers, Hymns, and the Passion in Latin, as well as parishes that are planning public Tenebrae liturgies.

Indeed, the value of this work is immense in the modern Catholic world, which is rediscovering the musical treasures of its past.

So we invite you to explore the book and print what you need. Or if you prefer the bound edition, that is also available for $30.

Free download

Printed edition