The CMAA is pleased to announced a 100-year anniversary edition of a great classic of exposition on the meaning, purpose, and practice of Catholic sacred music. Its author is Richard R. Terry, the great English choirmaster, director of music at Westminster Cathedral, and polyphony scholar of the late 19th century. His 1907 book is called: Catholic Church Music. It covers rubrics, makes a case for the old styles, explains what is wrong with contemporary music (in 1907!), provides a model for forming and training a choir, details the use of the organ, and provides fascinating historical detail to what happened to polyphony during the reign of Elizabeth.

Scott Turkington considers this book to be the single most important short work on Catholic choral music. The pace is quick and the book is remarkably entertaining. This is an invaluable work from a world-class, world-historic genius in the Catholic tradition. This softcover book is 218 pages.

Here it is in free download

Here it is in print.