The Church Music Association of America presents

October 15-17, 2020
Live on Zoom

Don’t know where to start?
Looking to grow from the ground up?
Need fresh ideas?

Find inspiration and spiritual refreshment as our experts field your questions about developing your parish sacred music program.

Price: $30
Daily spiritual reflection and Compline: FREE admission

Spanish Sessions on Thursday: FREE admission


Topics include these and more:

  • The Hierarchy of the Sung Liturgy: When and What to Sing
  • How to Read Square Notes
  • How to Start a Chant Choir
  • The Basics of Conducting Chant
  • The Role of the Organ in the Liturgy: When and What to Play
  • How Did We Get Here: the History of Sacred Music After Vatican II in the U.S.
  • Building a Music Program Budget
  • and more…

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