Changing from Subscriptions to Memberships

July 2014

Dear Members of the Church Music Association of America,

Last summer, the Board of the Association voted to change participation in the Association from a subscription basis to membership.

It used to be that the activities of the Association were exercised mainly through the journal Sacred Music, so a system of subscription made good sense. But now our activities are much broader, the journal being only a part of what the Association does.

Membership will include discounts on publications and activities such as the Colloquium and the Chant Intensive courses. All memberships will begin on January 1, and membership will include a subscription to Sacred Music for the duration of the year.

Memberships will also be attributed to institutional subscribers, but the fact that they receive a subscription will not change.

Sacred Music experienced some delay in 2012 and 2013, and the post office will now not permit dated issues to be mailed in a subsequent year; thus issue 140.1 had to be followed by 141.1. New issues are well underway, so that we will be able to resume the schedule of four issues per year again. The first two issues for 2014 have reached our members, including number 141.2, a commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Association.

Members who were paid up well into 2013 will be considered as paid for 2014. Nevertheless, since we have lost some revenue in the process, should you think it appropriate, a small contribution to the Association could be made, for which we would be grateful.

Because of mailing costs, we have had to increase the cost of membership (including subscription for institutions) for those out of the country; thus for Canada individual memberships are $54, and for other non-U.S. members, $65.

A full parish annual membership that comes with each issue of Sacred Music remains $250 for U.S. parishes, but it is now $275 for Canada and $325 for other non-U.S. members.

To start or renew your individual or parish membership, please visit our website at .

signed, William Mahrt
William Mahrt, President