This page presents options for singing the Ordinary of the Mass in English, with texts from the Roman Missal Third Edition and melodies adapted from Latin chants.

Like the melodies printed in the Missal, many of these settings are derived from traditional Gregorian melodies in the Graduale Romanum. The settings marked “Simplex” below are derived from the Graduale Simplex and are suitable for choirs beginning to learn chant.

The editorial team includes Aristotle Esguerra, Arlene Oost-Zinner, Michael Lawrence, and others. These arrangements are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License so that you can copy and distribute this music in every way, while acknowledging the Church Music Association of America as the source.

Complete Mass Settings:

  • Mass XII Pater cuncta (K-G-S-A) PDF
  • Mass XIII Stelliferi conditor orbis (K-G-S-A) PDF
  • Mass XV Dominator Deus (K-G-S-A) PDF
  • Mass XVI – In Ordinary Time During the Week (K-S-A) PDF

Settings of the Nicene Creed:

  • Credo VII (English) PDF
  • Credo Ambrosiano (English) PDF | MP3

Individual Parts:

  • Kyrie XII (English) PDF
  • Kyrie XIII (English) PDF
  • Kyrie XV (English) PDF
  • Kyrie XVI (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie XVII (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex II (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex IIIa (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex IIIb (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex IV (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex Va (English) PDF | MP3
  • Kyrie Simplex Vb (English) PDF | MP3
  • Gloria XI (English) PDF
  • Gloria XII (English) PDF | MP3
  • Gloria XIII (English) PDF | MP3
  • Gloria XV (English) PDF | MP3
  • Gloria Mozarabica (English) PDF | MP3
  • Sanctus I (English) PDF
  • Sanctus IV (English) PDF
  • Sanctus X (English) PDF
  • Sanctus XII (English) PDF
  • Sanctus XIII (English) PDF
  • Sanctus XV (English) PDF
  • Sanctus XVI (English) PDF
  • Sanctus ad libitum I (English) PDF
  • Sanctus Ambrosiano (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei IV (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei X (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei XI (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei XII (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei XIII (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei XIV (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei XV (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei XVI (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei XVII (English) PDF
  • Agnus Dei ad libitum II (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei Simplex III (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei Simplex IV (English) PDF | MP3
  • Agnus Dei Simplex V (English) PDF | MP3

These settings are presented in accord with ICEL’s policy for the use of its approved texts.