• Extensive training in Gregorian chant under a world-class faculty, with choices of a chant class for beginners, a refresher course for men and women, chant conducting, and schola chant courses for advanced men or women
  • Chant specialty breakout sessions on Semiology and Chant Improvisation
  • Breakout sessions during the week on a variety of topics, from organist breakouts, chant conducting, children’s programs, new music, vocal pedagogy, warmup techniques, Sacred Music around the World, among others
  • Three Plenary lectures on topics of interest to all who love sacred music
  • Music Reading session – Easter repertory
  • Choral experience with one of three choirs singing sacred music of the masters such as Casciolini, Purcell, Morales, Victoria, Tallis, Hassler, Cuello, Lassus, Josquin, Anerio, Bruckner, and a newly composed Spanish Mass Ordinary by Jeffrey Quick. You’ll learn with our gifted faculty.
  • Daily liturgies with careful attention to musical settings in English, Spanish and Latin
  • A gala welcome reception and dinner at the University System of Maryland – Hagerstown Hospitality Center
  • Individual training in vocal production and technique
  • A Music Book, including chant and polyphony, as part of registration
  • Your own copy of The Parish Book of Chant, 2nd edition
  • Book sales from the CMAA warehouse. We offer discounts on our books to all attendees and an extra 10% discount to CMAA members.

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Plenary Speakers

Tuesday, 10:50 am, June 21, 2022: Rev. Richard Cipolla, “Lately have I loved Thee”

Thursday, 10:50 am, June 23, 2022: Dr. William Mahrt “Melismatic chant: Music and liturgy.”

Friday, 10:50 am, June 25, 2022: Rev. Andrew Menke (details forthcoming)

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Christopher Berry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dr. Horst Buchholz, Detroit, Michigan
Mary Ann Carr Wilson, San Diego, California
Richard Chonak, Stoneham, Massachusetts
Rev. Richard Cipolla, Fairfield, CT
Dr. Jennifer Donelson, St. Joseph Seminary (Dunwoodie), New York
David Hughes, St. Mary, Norwalk, CT
Dr. William Mahrt, CMAA President, Stanford University
Dr. MeeAe Cecilia Nam, Eastern Michigan University
Rev. Andrew Menke, Exec. Dir., Secretariat of Divine Worship, USCCB
Rev. Robert Pasley, Mater Ecclesiae Catholic Church, Berlin, NJ
William Riccio, West Haven, Connecticut
Dr. Edward Schaefer, University of Florida
Dr. Lucas Tappan, Topeka, KS
Dr. Susan Treacy, Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida

Biographical information about the Colloquium faculty

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Tues., June 21, 4:30 pm Mass, St. Mary’s Parish Memorial of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (OF), Spanish/Latin
Wed., June 22, 4:30 pm Mass, St. Mary’s Parish Memorial of Ss. John Fisher and Thomas More (OF), English
Thurs., June 23, 4:30 pm Mass, St. Mary’s Parish Nativity of St. John the Baptist (OF), Latin
Thurs., June 23, 7:00 pm Vespers, St. Mary’s Parish 1st Vespers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (EF), Latin
Fri., June 24, 4:30 pm Mass, St. Mary’s Parish Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (EF), Latin
Sat., June25, 10:30 am Mass, St. Mary’s Parish Requiem Mass for Deceased CMAA Members (EF), Latin

Instructions for Clergy and Seminarians

Please download this instruction page for clergy and seminarians regarding participation in the liturgies of the Colloquium.

Information regarding the vestment colors, as well as information regarding letters of good standing, are detailed in the instruction sheet.

If you have questions, please contact us at programs@musicasacra.com.


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Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will be offered Tuesday – Friday on a range of various topics including:

Children’s Programs
Organ Classes
Vocal Pedagogy
New Music
Chant Conducting
… and more.
Complete listing of Breakout Sessions, including descriptions

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Chant Course Descriptions

Fundamentals for Men and Women (Director, Mary Ann Carr Wilson): This course in Gregorian chant is intended for real chant beginners: both those who can read modern notation and those with no musical training. Participants will learn how to read the four line staff, the names of the neumes, and how to navigate the intervals with solfege. Rhythm will be introduced. Course material will include the Ordinaries of the Mass and one Proper.

Refresher for Men and Women (Director, Dr. William Mahrt): This course offers continued study in Gregorian chant and is intended for those who have had some background in chant but do not sing chant on a regular basis. This is a beginning to intermediate course whose primary aim, like the foundations course, will not be performance in liturgy. Participants will be responsible for singing the Ordinaries of the Mass and will be prepared to sing four chant Propers during the week in addition to the Mass Ordinaries.

Schola (two sections: Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka, Women; David Hughes, Men): This course is intended for advanced singers who sing chant regularly. The two scholas (men, women) will be responsible for the bulk of the more difficult Mass Propers sung during the week.

Advanced Seminar on Chant Conducting (Director, Christopher Berry): This course is intended for advanced singers (both men and women) who wish to continue their studies of Gregorian chant, particularly on conducting and interpretation. This class will also focus on study rather than performance. This choir will prepare three Mass Propers for liturgies during the week. NOTE: A quick review of Gregorian notation will be offered, but it is expected that the singer will have a good basic understanding and ability to read Gregorian, square-note notation.

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Polyphonic Choir Descriptions

Christopher Berry

This choir will sing a selection of motets by Morales, Lassus and Josquin, as well as Polyphonic Mass ordinaries and propers by Hassler and Casciolini.

Dr. Horst Buchholz

This choir will sing a selection of motets by  Victoria, Purcell, and Cuello, as well as Polyphonic Mass ordinaries and propers by Hassler and Casciolini.

Dr. Lucas Tappan

Tappan’s choir will sing a selection of motets by Tallis and Anerio, as well as Polyphonic Mass ordinaries and propers by Hassler and Casciolini.

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View the entire list of musical repertory that will be sung by chant and polyphony choirs for Colloquium 2022:
Repertory by Choir
Repertory Plan

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New Music

This year’s breakout schedule includes one breakout with David Hughes, where participants will be able to collaborate with other composers to fine-tune your compositions. We will invite you to pre-submit your compositions for review during the breakout session. More information to be forthcoming.

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To get an idea of the schedule of events, please see our Schedule of Events. This will give detailed information about the events of the week, including time and location.


The CMAA is dependent on donations for scholarships. If you are interested in sponsoring a musician, priest or seminarian’s attendance, please write to us at programs@musicasacra.com or make a donation to our Annual Fund. No amount is too small. All scholarship donations are applied directly to scholarships. If making a donation to the Annual Fund, you can also specify that your donation is to be used for scholarships. To make a donation to the Annual Fund, please use this form or make an online donation:

Scholarship Assistance may be available for partial tuition for persons or parishes of limited means. To apply for a scholarship, please see information about scholarship applications above. Or request a packet from the CMAA office by calling (505) 263-6298. Application deadline is April 15. To apply for a CMAA Colloquium scholarship, please fill out the application form and scholarship recommendation form and submit them to us (email preferred) prior to April 15, 2019. All applications and recommendations must be received at our office by April 15, 2020. Send applications to us at: CMAA, 322 Roy Foster Rd., McMinnville, TN 37110 or you may email the completed forms to us at programs@musicasacra.com. In order to process your application, we must have both forms received by the deadline. If you have not received confirmation that your application was received in our office by April 15, please email us at programs@musicasacra.com to ensure you don’t miss the deadline.

Application Form
Scholarship Recommendation Form

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REGISTRATION FORM – download pdf file.

ONLINE REGISTRATION. Check or credit card payment must accompany registration. Registration and full payment must be postmarked on or before March 31 (Early) or May 1 (Regular). You may register online or by mail. If you wish to make installment payments for your fees, please use the mail-in form. Your registration is not considered complete unless accompanied by the $75 non-refundable deposit. Registrations must be received at the CMAA Office (by mail or online) by the close of business, June 10. After June 10, registration is only available by telephone by calling our office at (505) 263-6298 on a space available basis. Full tuition payment must be made by the respective deadlines.

Cancellation: Requests received by email or in writing at the CMAA Office postmarked on or before June 14th will receive a refund less the non-refundable $75 deposit. After that date, partial refunds are given only in the form of a credit toward registration for the 2023 Colloquium. Refunds may be processed after the Colloquium. All requests for credit must be received in the CMAA office by email (programs@musicasacra.com) by June 28th in order to be considered for credit. Requests after June 10th may only receive a partial credit, depending on charges to the CMAA for meals and materials expenses. Please note: In cases of last-minute emergencies, it is imperative that immediate notice to the CMAA be given in order for partial refunds to be given. If this notice occurs after the beginning of the Colloquium (Monday, June 20), unfortunately no refunds can be made. Likewise, if a person decides not to complete the entire week after registration (for whatever reason), no refund can be made for days not attended.

Liability Waiver

All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus / COVID-19.

The Church Music Association of America (CMAA), The Collegium, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and St. Mary’s Parish cannot prevent you from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while attending CMAA events at the Collegium, St. Mary’s or University of Maryland premises (Colloquium premises). It is not possible to prevent against the presence of the disease. Therefore, if you choose to participate in CMAA programs and/or enter onto the premises, you may be exposing yourself to and/or increasing your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

NOTE: If, at any time during the Colloquium, you develop symptoms that could be Covid-19, or any type of communicable illness, we ask that you refrain from attending any Colloquium sessions, as a way to protect your fellow participants.

Member Discounts

With a current CMAA membership, the members’ rate is available to you; it is not transferable to another person. If your parish has a CMAA parish membership, please note the name of your parish on your registration form.

Not yet a member? Join now and receive the benefits of membership for a full year for nearly the same price as a non-member registration. Once your membership payment is received, you’ll receive an email with information about the member discount code. Email us at gm@musicasacra.com for any questions.
Join the CMAA

Youth Participants

Due to archdiocesan restrictions, we cannot accept registrations for minors this year. Registrants must be at least eighteen (18) years or older as of June 20, 2022.

Additional Information

Check-in location is: St. Mary’s Parish Center Gymnasium.

Our opening banquet on Monday, June 22nd, will be in the USMH Hospitality Center. This banquet is included in the tuition for all Colloquium participants, as well as Companion registrants. Our space is limited, so extra tickets will not be available for this banquet.

Our final closing lunch at the School Gymnasium is not included in the registration fee. Please add it to your registration if you are able to join us for that final meal together. The closing lunch will be held following the final Mass at the St. Mary’s School Gymnasium on Saturday, June 25th and will include closing remarks by Dr. William Mahrt. The cost for this lunch is $35/person.

REGISTRATION FORM – download pdf file.

Please note that all participants are expected to adhere to our CMAA Code of Conduct.

Photographs and Recordings: You are welcome to take photos and videos, but please do not use flash, especially during sacred liturgies. Please note that some cellphone cameras use a spotlight-type light that may not be used during filming/photographs. It is very disruptive to liturgies. Please be considerate when taking photos or videos. Be unobtrusive when filming so as not to disrupt singers, musicians or conductors (please don’t get so near as to make them uncomfortable).

We welcome volunteer recordings of the liturgies and lectures during the Colloquium. In fact, amateur recordings are kept in a collection online by one of our members at this site, and are available for free access. If you do record a session or liturgy, please consider sharing your files with the site’s owner so that others may hear them. Please consider bringing a recorder and/or video camera and assisting with this.

Contact us at programs@musicasacra.com for more information about sharing your recordings.

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Conference Hotels

The CMAA has negotiated courtesy room blocks at local hotels for your convenience.

Hotel Accommodations are available at the Ramada Plaza Hagerstown, 1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD 21740, (301) 797-2500 at a rate of $119/night. Next to the Ramada Plaza is also another hotel option: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 241 Railway Ln., Hagerstown, MD 21740, (301) 745-5644. Rooms at the Holiday Inn Express are available at a rate of $129/night. Make your reservation on or before Sunday, May 1, 2022 to get the special group rate. Please note that we have no contractual obligation to these hotels, so please feel free to choose other hotels that better suit your preferences.

These hotels are not within walking distance of St. Mary’s Parish. We encourage participants to travel by automobile and to use your vehicles during the week for convenience, as there is sufficient parking available at St. Mary’s and the hotels.

Helpful Links

Hagerstown Parking Information:
Parking is available at St. Mary’s Parish parking lot. There are also options in downtown Hagerstown at reasonable rates.

Curious about the Sacred Music from previous Colloquia? Listen to some of the sound files from previous years at this website: http://music.dierschow.com/Colloquium/
Or watch this video documentary about the Colloquium when it was held at Loyola University in 2009 (50 min.)

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Music Book

2022 Colloquium music book

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