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Fall 2021 Virtual Sacred Music Workshop

October 14-16, 2021

Join us to learn about the beauty of sacred music in

  • the liturgy
  • evangelization
  • education
  • choral repertoire
  • children’s choirs
  • the chant of the Church

and for

  • Daily reflections
  • Night Prayer
  • Question-and-answer sessions

The workshop will also include sessions in Spanish on Friday, Oct. 15, free of charge. Sessions in English will run all three days.


Updated: Mass propers in English

We’ve updated our list of projects offering English versions of the Mass proper chants. The propers are antiphons specified in the Church’s liturgical books for the specific Sundays and other days of the Church year. They are given to be sung, for example, at the entrance rite, the offertory procession, and during Holy Communion. Their texts can be drawn from the Roman Missal or from the Graduale Romanum, as specified in the General Instruction for the Roman Missal at sections 48, 74, and 87.

With the latest update, this list now has information on thirty websites, projects, and publications with scores you can view, download, or buy.

View: Mass Propers in English

New from CMAA: Método completo de canto gregoriano

The newest book from CMAA is a companion to one that we have carried for years. Alongside the English edition of Dom Gregorio Suñol’s chant instruction book Gregorian Chant according to the Solesmes Method, we now have the same book in the original language, Spanish, as Método completo de canto gregoriano.

Dom Suñol, a monk of the abbey at Montserrat and the president of the Pontifical Academy of Sacred Music in Rome, wrote his chant teaching book in 1905, and for years it was expanded in numerous editions and translated into several languages. This new offering is a reprint of the eighth Spanish edition, from 1943.

The book is a thorough and methodical presentation based on the Solesmes method, which he praised in these words:

My teaching, I can say, is not mine. The school of Solesmes has served the Church so magnificently, restoring her chant to her, authentic, beautiful, serious, and suited to her holiness; it burst forth one day by inspiration of the Holy Spirit from the hearts of her most enlightened sons.

For a description in Spanish, or to place an order, have a look at the CMAA Shop site.

Announcing: Sacred Music Boot Camp

The Church Music Association of America presents

October 15-17, 2020
Live on Zoom

Don’t know where to start?
Looking to grow from the ground up?
Need fresh ideas?

Find inspiration and spiritual refreshment as our experts field your questions about developing your parish sacred music program.

Price: $30
Daily spiritual reflection and Compline: FREE admission

Spanish Sessions on Thursday: FREE admission


Topics include these and more:

  • The Hierarchy of the Sung Liturgy: When and What to Sing
  • How to Read Square Notes
  • How to Start a Chant Choir
  • The Basics of Conducting Chant
  • The Role of the Organ in the Liturgy: When and What to Play
  • How Did We Get Here: the History of Sacred Music After Vatican II in the U.S.
  • Building a Music Program Budget
  • and more…

For all the details, visit our webpage at:



The 30th CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium

June 22 – 27, 2020
Jesuit High School
Tampa, Florida

The Church Music Association of America is proud to invite you to celebrate with us as we hold our 30th Colloquium in 2020, at Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. The CMAA’s Sacred Music Colloquium continues to be the largest and most in-depth teaching conference and retreat on sacred music in the world. Our 2020 program offers new and expanded opportunities for learning, singing, listening, and interacting with some of the best minds and musicians in the Catholic world today!