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The 30th CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium

June 22 – 27, 2020
Jesuit High School
Tampa, Florida

The Church Music Association of America is proud to invite you to celebrate with us as we hold our 30th Colloquium in 2020, at Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. The CMAA’s Sacred Music Colloquium continues to be the largest and most in-depth teaching conference and retreat on sacred music in the world. Our 2020 program offers new and expanded opportunities for learning, singing, listening, and interacting with some of the best minds and musicians in the Catholic world today!


Pope Francis: take Gregorian chant as “the first model” of sacred music

In an address to church musicians of Italy on September 28, Pope Francis echoed the teaching of Pope St. Pius X and Pope St. Paul VI: the sacred rites of the liturgy call for a music that is “distinct and different” from secular music: it should be holy, noble in artistry, and universal, with Gregorian chant as its “first model”. An English translation of his address is available at our site Chant Café.

Ukrainian Catholic Music Conference Sept 26-29

The Patriarchal Liturgical Commission of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) is organizing the second annual SingCon, a four-day music conference. This year the event will be held at St. Basil’s Seminary in Stamford, Connecticut September 26-29. Here’s a description:

Experience common prayer at liturgical services, including Vigil (Vespers and Matins) on Saturday evening and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning. Services will include various approaches to singing (congregational, choral, small ensembles) and be held in English with Ukrainian and Church Slavonic.

SingCon is a gathering of church singers of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) in North America to promote contact with one another (networking), to learn from experienced cantors and singers in our church, to share experience and solutions to current issues in church singing, and to pray together. SingCon is organized by the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission of the UGCC and in 2019 will be sponsored by the UGCC Eparchy of Stamford CT. Singers and faithful of other Churches are welcome! Registration is open to everyone regardless of ability. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this exciting conference.

Participants will learn new music and take part in practice sessions in preparation for the liturgical services.

Led by experts from the UGCC, these practical workshops and lectures will be offered at both beginner and intermediate/ advanced levels, with the aim of advancing knowledge and helping to improve the quality of church singing. This will also be an opportunity for fellowship and networking among cantors, singers, choir directors, and clergy, to foster cooperation and growth. The workshops will explore church singing practices, and will take place in English.

For more information and to register visit:

Colloquium music repertoire book now available

The repertoire book for this year’s Sacred Music Colloquium has gone to print, and participants can get an advance look by downloading a PDF copy from the colloquium information page.

CMAA Summer 2019 Chant Courses

June 24-28, 2019
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA


The CMAA is proud to present two summer courses for 2019. Both courses will be held concurrently at the Mary Pappert Music School at Duquesne University.

Chant Intensive

Instructor Jeffrey Morse

A five-day practical experience for beginners and intermediate chant singers

Laus in Ecclesia

Instructor Br. Mark Bachmann, OSB, choirmaster at Clear Creek Abbey

An in-depth exploration for beginners, the first part of a three-level program to train chant singers and conductors

More details on both courses:


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