• Extensive training in Gregorian chant under a world-class faculty, with choices of a chant class for beginners, a refresher course for men and women, a course on chant improvisation, chant conducting, and schola chant courses for advanced men or women
  • Breakout sessions during the week on a variety of topics, from directing, organist breakouts, chant conducting, semiology, children’s programs, new music, vocal pedagogy among others
  • Plenary lectures on topics of interest to all who love sacred music
  • Choral experience with one of four choirs singing sacred music of the masters such as tk and others. You’ll learn with our gifted faculty, with choices of a beginning polyphony choir for those new to polyphony, and three choirs for more experienced singers.
  • Daily liturgies with careful attention to musical settings in English, Spanish and Latin
  • A gala welcome reception and dinner at the ballroom at the Doubletree Hotel Westshore
  • The always-popular CMAA “Follies”
  • Individual training in vocal production and technique
  • Training for priests, deacons, and seminarians in the sung Mass (not restricted to clergy and seminarians)
  • A Music Book, including chant and polyphony, as part of registration
  • Your own copy of The Parish Book of Chant, 2nd edition
  • Book sales from the CMAA warehouse. We offer discounts on our books to all attendees and an extra 10% discount to CMAA members.

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Plenary Speakers

Tuesday, 10:30 am, June 23, 2020: Rev. Richard Cipolla (details forthcoming)

Wednesday, 10:30 am, June 24, 2020: Rev. Joseph Koterski (details forthcoming)

Thursday, 10:30 am, June 25, 2020: Dr. William Mahrt (details forthcoming)

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Christopher Berry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mary Ann Carr Wilson, San Diego, California
Peter Carter, Allentown, New Jersey
Richard Chonak, Stoneham, Massachusetts
Charles Cole, Brompton Oratory, United Kingdom
Rev. Richard Cipolla, Fairfield, CT
Dr. Jennifer Donelson, St. Joseph Seminary (Dunwoodie), New York
Matthew Fong, Sunnyvale, California
David Hughes, St. Mary, Norwalk, CT
Dr. Nathan Knutson, Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rev. Joseph Koterski, Fordham University, New York
Dr. William Mahrt, CMAA President, Stanford University
Dr. Timothy McDonnell, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey Morse, Sacramento, California
Dr. MeeAe Cecilia Nam, Eastern Michigan University
Rev. Robert Pasley, Mater Ecclesiae Catholic Church, Berlin, NJ
William Riccio, West Haven, Connecticut
Dr. Edward Schaefer, University of Florida
Dr. Lucas Tappan, Topeka, KS
Dr. Susan Treacy, Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, Florida

Biographical information about the Colloquium faculty

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Tues., June 23, 4:30 pm Mass, Jesuit High School Chapel Vigil of Nativity of St. John the Baptist – Solemnity (OF), English
Wed., June 24, 4:30 pm Mass, Jesuit High School Chapel Nativity of St. John the Baptist – Solemnity (OF), Spanish
Thurs., June 25, 4:30 pm Mass, Jesuit High School Chapel Requiem Mass (EF), Latin
Fri., June 26, 4:30 pm Mass, Jesuit High School Chapel Votive Mass of the Holy Cross (OF), Latin
Fri., June 26, 7:00 pm Vespers, Jesuit High School Chapel Ss John and Paul, Martyrs (EF), Latin
Sat., June27, 10:00 am Mass, Jesuit High School Chapel Votive of the Blessed Virgin Mary (EF), Latin

Instructions for Clergy and Seminarians

Please download this instruction page for clergy and seminarians regarding participation in the liturgies of the Colloquium.

Information regarding the vestment colors, as well as information regarding letters of good standing, are detailed in the instruction sheet.

If you have questions, please contact us at programs@musicasacra.com.


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Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will be offered Tuesday – Friday on a range of various topics including:

Children’s Programs

Chant for Children
Ward Method

Organ Classes
Vocal Pedagogy
Clergy Training
New Music Series
Church Documents Series
Gregorian Chant Modes
Chant Conducting
… and more.
Complete listing of Breakout Sessions, including descriptions

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Chant Course Descriptions

Fundamentals for Men and Women (Director, Dr. Lucas Tappan): This course in Gregorian chant is intended for real chant beginners: both those who can read modern notation and those with no musical training. Participants will learn how to read the four line staff, the names of the neumes, and how to navigate the intervals with solfege. Rhythm will be introduced. Course material will include the Ordinaries of the Mass and two Propers.

Refresher for Men and Women (Director, David Hughes): This course offers continued study in Gregorian chant and is intended for those who have had some background in chant but do not sing chant on a regular basis. This is a beginning to intermediate course whose primary aim, like the foundations course, will not be performance in liturgy. Participants will be responsible for singing the Ordinaries of the Mass and will be prepared to sing five chant Propers during the week in addition to the Mass Ordinaries.

Schola (two sections: Charles Cole, Women; Jeffrey Morse, Men): This course is intended for advanced singers who sing chant regularly. The two scholas (men, women) will be responsible for the bulk of the more difficult Mass Propers sung during the week.

Advanced Seminar on Chant Improvisation (Director, Dr. William Mahrt): This course is intended for advanced singers (both men and women) who wish to continue their studies of Gregorian chant. This class will focus on study rather than performance. This choir will sing two Gregorian Propers with improvisations plus the Magnificat for Vespers with improvisations.

Advanced Seminar on Chant Conducting (Director, Dr. Jennifer Donelson): This course is intended for advanced singers (both men and women) who wish to continue their studies of Gregorian chant, particularly on conducting and interpretation.  This class will also focus on study rather than performance. This choir will prepare four Mass Propers for liturgies during the week. NOTE: A quick review of Gregorian notation will be offered, but it is expected that the singer will have a good basic understanding and ability to read Gregorian, square-note notation.

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Polyphonic Choir Descriptions

Dr. MeeAe Cecilia Nam: Beginning Polyphonic Choir

This choir is designed to introduce and improve on the critical vocal and musical techniques necessary for singing polyphonic music. Singers will learn how to carry a part on their own, independent of other sections, and without accompaniment. Members of this choir will learn rhythm, pitch, and vocal production. The choir is designed for novice singers who would not yet benefit from a more advanced choir, but it might also be useful for directors who wish to see how a master goes about teaching inexperienced singers to make beautiful music. One piece is a part of this choir’s agenda — either Adoramus te Christe [Anerio] or O Jesu Christe [Jacquet] will be selected by Dr. Nam. This choir will sing at Mass on Friday.

Dr. Timothy McDonnell

This choir will sing a selection of motets by Lemme, Isaac, Gabrieli and Dering and polyphonic Mass ordinaries by Jernberg  and Guerrero during the week, as well as a Spanish falsobordone setting of the Responsorial Psalm for Wednesday’s Spanish Mass.

Charles Cole

Cole’s choir will sing a selection of motets by Purcell, MacMillan, Josquin, and Guerrero and polyphonic Mass ordinaries by Jernberg  and Rubbra during the week, as well as a Spanish falsobordone setting of the Responsorial Psalm for Tuesday’s English Mass.

Christopher Berry

This choir will sing a selection of motets by Lassus, de la Rue, Gabrieli, Willaert and polyphonic Mass ordinaries by Jernberg and Rubbra during the week.

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View the entire list of musical repertory that will be sung by chant and polyphony choirs for Colloquium 2020:
Repertory by Choir
Repertory Plan

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New Music

This year’s breakout schedule includes two days of breakouts with David Hughes, where participants will be able to collaborate with other composers to fine-tune your compositions. Please bring at least 15 copies of the work you plan to use during the session, for participants in the session. The best compositions from the New Music breakout sessions will be used for the New Music Reading session on Friday afternoon. New Music Participants: Please plan to provide digital PDF files from the compositions to David for final printing before the Reading session.

The New Music Reading for this year’s Sacred Music Colloquium is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2020 at 10:30 am at the Jesuit High School Chapel. If you have questions, please contact us at programs@musicasacra.com.

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To get an idea of the schedule of events, please see our Schedule of Events. This will give detailed information about the events of the week, including time and location.

    For an overview, please see the Schedule at a Glance (forthcoming).


The CMAA is dependent on donations for scholarships. If you are interested in sponsoring a musician, priest or seminarian’s attendance, please write to us at programs@musicasacra.com or make a donation to our Annual Fund. No amount is too small. All scholarship donations are applied directly to scholarships. If making a donation to the Annual Fund, you can also specify that your donation is to be used for scholarships. To make a donation to the Annual Fund, please use this form or make an online donation:

Scholarship Assistance may be available for partial tuition for persons or parishes of limited means. To apply for a scholarship, please see information about scholarship applications above. Or request a packet from the CMAA office by calling (505) 263-6298. Application deadline is April 15. To apply for a CMAA Colloquium scholarship, please fill out the application form and scholarship recommendation form and submit them to us (email preferred) prior to April 15, 2019. All applications and recommendations must be received at our office by April 15, 2020. Send applications to us at: CMAA, 322 Roy Foster Rd., McMinnville, TN 37110 or you may email the completed forms to us at programs@musicasacra.com. In order to process your application, we must have both forms received by the deadline. If you have not received confirmation that your application was received in our office by April 15, please email us at programs@musicasacra.com to ensure you don’t miss the deadline.

Application Form
Scholarship Recommendation Form

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REGISTRATION FORM – download pdf file.

ONLINE REGISTRATION. Check or credit card payment must accompany registration. Registration and full payment must be postmarked on or before March 31 (Early) or May 10 (Regular). You may register online or by mail. If you wish to make installment payments for your fees, please use the mail-in form. Your registration is not considered complete unless accompanied by the $75 non-refundable deposit. Registrations must be received at the CMAA Office (by mail or online) by the close of business, June 14. After June 14, registration is only available by telephone by calling our office at (505) 263-6298 on a space available basis. Full tuition payment must be made by the respective deadlines.

Cancellation: Requests received by email or in writing at the CMAA Office postmarked on or before June 14th will receive a refund less the non-refundable $75 deposit. After that date, partial refunds are given only in the form of a credit toward registration for the 2020 Colloquium. Refunds may be processed after the Colloquium. All requests for credit must be received in the CMAA office by email (programs@musicasacra.com) by June 28th in order to be considered for credit. Requests after June 14th may only receive a partial credit, depending on charges to the CMAA for meals and materials expenses. Please note: In cases of last-minute emergencies, it is imperative that immediate notice to the CMAA be given in order for partial refunds to be given. If this notice occurs after the beginning of the Colloquium (Monday, June 22), unfortunately no refunds can be made. Likewise, if a person decides not to complete the entire week after registration (for whatever reason), no refund can be made for days not attended.

Group Discounts

If you are bringing a group of 10 or more, consider the benefits of a parish CMAA Membership (which includes a $50 discount for each parishioner who will be attending as part of your group) and please contact us about a group discount at programs@musicasacra.com.

Member Discounts

With a current CMAA membership, the members’ rate is available to you; it is not transferable to another person. If your parish has a CMAA parish membership, please note the name of your parish on your registration form.

Not yet a member? Join now and receive the benefits of membership for a full year for nearly the same price as a non-member registration. Once your membership payment is received, you’ll receive an email with information about the member discount code. Email us at gm@musicasacra.com for any questions.
Join the CMAA

Youth Participants

Youth Participants must be at least 12 years of age or older. A parent or chaperone must accompany youth attendees under eighteen. It is highly recommended that any youth participants younger than age 16 be accompanied by a parent. The chaperone must be at least twenty-one years old and registered for the full Colloquium or as a Companion. A temporary guardian form and release must be on file with the CMAA before anyone under the age of eighteen may be admitted to the Colloquium without a parent present by sending the completed form in advance (electronic copy is fine). The original must be given to the chaperone/temporary guardian. If the youth participant is not accompanied by a parent, a medical treatment authorization form must also be provided to the chaperone or guardian and a copy provided to us in advance by email.

Daily Registration

Be sure to indicate the day(s) for which you are registering and note that the fee for full convention registration is usually less than the fee for multiple days. Daily registration is not available online; it must be done on the registration form. If you wish to purchase a ticket for a banquet on a daily registration, you must indicate that on your registration form.

Additional Information

Companion (Adult): Those registering as companions are welcome to accompany a full Colloquium registrant to all activities except breakouts and choir rehearsals. A separate registration form and release form must be filled out for each companion including payment for any additional activities and must include the name of the Full Convention Registrant. Companion registration is not available online; it must be done using the downloadable registration form.

Arrangements for guests to attend banquets may be made, but must be made no later than June 10th. The Monday banquet, lunches (Tuesday through Friday only), dinners on Wednesday and Friday are included for all registrants with full registration or companion pass.

Check-in location is: Lobby of Doubletree Hotel Tampa Airport – Westshore.

Full Registrations include Lunches (Tuesday – Friday), Dinners (Wednesday and Friday only) and the opening banquet. The final lunch is optional and requires a ticket purchased in advance (no tickets available at the door). An optional Breakfast plan is available. Hot breakfasts will be served Tuesday – Saturday in the High School Cafeteria. The cost for the Breakfast plan is: $60/person.

Our opening banquet on Monday, June 22nd, will be in the Ballroom at the Doubletree Hotel Tampa Airport – Westshore. This banquet is included in the tuition for all Colloquium participants, as well as Companion registrants. Extra tickets for this banquet may be purchased upon request. The cost for the opening banquet is $65/person. Extra tickets for evening meals for Wednesday and Friday may also be purchased for guests. The cost for the Wednesday Pizza and Salad dinner (no special dietary requests can be accommodated) will be $12/person; the cost for the Friday catered dinner will be $25/person.

*The banquet is not included for those registering for day rate passes. If you are purchasing day passes for your attendance and want to attend this banquet, please also purchase a banquet ticket.

Our final closing lunch at the High School Cafeteriais not included in the registration fee. Please add it to your registration if you are able to join us for that final meal together. The closing lunch will be held at the Cafeteria following the final Mass at the Jesuit High School Chapel on Saturday, June 27th and will include closing remarks by Dr. William Mahrt. The cost for this lunch is $35/person.

REGISTRATION FORM – download pdf file.

Please note that all participants are expected to adhere to our CMAA Code of Conduct.

Photographs and Recordings: You are welcome to take photos and videos, but please do not use flash, especially during sacred liturgies. Please note that some cellphone cameras use a spotlight-type light that may not be used during filming/photographs. It is very disruptive to liturgies. Please be considerate when taking photos or videos. Be unobtrusive when filming so as not to disrupt singers, musicians or conductors (please don’t get so near as to make them uncomfortable).

We welcome volunteer recordings of the liturgies and lectures during the Colloquium. In fact, amateur recordings are kept in a collection online by one of our members at this site, and are available for free access. If you do record a session or liturgy, please consider sharing your files with the site’s owner so that others may hear them. Please consider bringing a recorder and/or video camera and assisting with this.

Contact us at programs@musicasacra.com for more information about sharing your recordings.

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Conference Hotel

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS are available at the Doubletree Hotel Tampa Airport – Westshore, Rooms are available at the special conference price of $119 per room per night, plus tax, for single or double rooms, up to occupancy of four per room. Make your reservation before May 26, 2020 to get the special group rate. Please use the link for reservations with the room block.


Reservations can also be made as follows:

  • Online: Reservations can be made online at www.TampaDoubleTree.com using group code: CMA
  • Mobile: HHonors members can make reservations using the Hilton HHonors app. Choose DoubleTree Tampa Airport – Westshore, enter dates and group code: CMA
  • Phone: Our Reservations Desk Direct at (800) 514-3956. Reference the group code: CMA

Amenities in this smoke-free hotel include:
Please be sure to request a refrigerator when making your reservation if you need one. Not all rooms are equipped with refrigerators.

Interested in sharing a room with another participant? Email us at programs@musicasacra.com to get more information.

Helpful Links

Curious about the Sacred Music from previous Colloquia? Listen to some of the sound files from previous years at this website: http://music.dierschow.com/Colloquium/
Or watch this video documentary about the Colloquium when it was held at Loyola University in 2009 (50 min.)

Jesuit High School Campus Map

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Music Book (forthcoming)

2020 Colloquium music book (high resolution: 15 MB)

2020 Colloquium music book (low resolution: 9 MB)

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